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Our Story

IV360 was created to provide the latest health and wellness options for those who want to achieve their healthiest, most active, and best selves.

Our team of medical professionals came together under one shared belief—that the key to feeling and performing at one’s best is driven by a consistent, holistic, and proactive wellness regimen. By combining this philosophy with the rejuvenating properties of IV hydration therapy, IV360 was born to help others take control of their wellness—and in the process, look and feel their best.

Currently operating in Illinois and New York, IV360 plans to expand to additional locations with eventual at-home and mobile support to provide truly holistic hydration therapy to everyone.


The IV360 Promise

We’re committed to providing you a safe and effective approach to proactively improve your health and wellness. Our treatments will leave you feeling your best, so you can live, reach, and perform your best. Your best is closer than it seems—and we’ll help you get there.